Striking the right note with your end-of-year video content

Knowing your audience, being ‘real’ and just a little bit clever will do you more favours than a big budget.

December. How the heck did that happen?

If it’s snuck up on you (like it has on us), you might be wondering if there are enough working days left in the year to throw a video together to round the year out. You might be contemplating something to show off what you got up to in 2017, a bit of a “thank you” or maybe just a little something to make people smile. Whether it’s something short and snappy or something seriously long-form like this gem, here are some of our thoughts and tips for festive video marketing:


We tend to get warm and fuzzy at this time of year and the promise of holidays typically makes people more willing to laugh or smile. So heartstrings and humour are popular themes for good reason. For some tonal inspiration check out some of the big-budget Christmas campaigns from the UK supermarket and department stores. Here are the 2017 releases and below are a couple of my favourites. These are big budget TV ads of course, but you might get some ideas.




Whatever you’re doing, at any time of year but especially now, make sure it’s authentic and genuine. If this means keeping things very simple and lo-fi – that’s great.


Think about how the themes of this time of year can tie into your brand story and think beyond the immediately obvious ones. It might also be a time of year when you can afford to be a little more frivolous and just have some fun being part of the festive cheer. This example from Coca-Cola last year was a goodie:

If you’re on Instagram and Facebook, think about how you can use Instagram Stories, Instagram Videos and Facebook Videos for your message. Also think about having some fun with hashtags a la Air New Zealand with their recently launched campaign.


Being grateful is something we’re all encouraged to do at this time of year which makes it a nice time to say thank you. You can be heartfelt or playful or both. As long as it works for your brand and your audience, in the very least you’re likely to put a smile on someone’s face.


While it’s a time of year when you can afford to be more frivolous than usual, it’s still a good exercise to stop and think about your audience, your purpose and your platform. Is the content you’re creating right for where it’s living? And how are your audience going to find it? Asking these kinds of questions will ensure your effort and budget are not wasted.

Stuck on where to start and need to move quickly? Sounds like our kind of problem. We’d love to help.